Learning to Become a Professional Plumber

Becoming plumber is an essential career choice amongst many people. Newcomers are projected to do great in the plumbing business because of the small competition. The skill learned by newcomers comes by finishing apprentices, which last about four to five years. Out of the whole construction industry, plumbers are the highest paid. Plumbers are known to just fix pipes and leaks, but their job calls for more than that.

They implement many pipe systems such as water treatment plants, which check entire towns to skyscrapers. Some plumbers may also work with climate control systems, gas and waste removal. Pipes are use in a variety of ways, beside their basic set ups, pipes are also used in creating computer chips. Most workers try and focus on a specific work area. They are as follow, pipelayers, who dig trenches and then lay down pipes for water, sewer and gas systems. These pipes are usually constructed of iron, plastic and clay. Working strictly as a plumber involves the installation of three major things, plumbing fixtures (sinks), appliances (washing machines), and complex systems. The last kinds of worker are pipefitters. Pipefitter’s work with high and low ­pressure piping that is mainly used for power plants and factories.

They install and maintain all kinds of central air conditioning and heating. Pipefitters are broken down into two categories, steamfitters and sprinklerfitters. Steamfitters are involved in installing pipes that carry gas and high pressure. Next, sprinklerfitters are mainly used for installing sprinkler systems along with fire alarm system. Each of the workers in the specified categories has their own specialty tools and methods. Water systems usually correspond with tools such as steel, copper and plastic pipes. Reading blueprints and following instructions is crucial for all types of plumbers. Also, it could help to have computer skills, whether basic or advanced, to keep track of data and plans.

Computer programs can create specific blueprints making it easier to layout designs for the plumber and the customer. Plumbers can work very demanding jobs and can vary from place to place dealing with with heavy tools. If you’re looking for a new career path, check out plumbing and see if it’s right for you. For more info on this topic, please visit alexfigliolia.com


A suitable plumber in NYC

When the plumbing at your house breaks down it can cause a huge mess in and around the house. The situation becomes even worse when sewer main gets compromised and the sewage lines begin to leak. This will lead to a massive stink not just for you but for every neighbor in the vicinity.

To avoid such embarrassing and frustrating problems you should get your plumbing checked regularly by experienced professionals.  The water and sewage main should be thoroughly examined for any faults or problems.

This examination and inspection should be conducted by professional plumbers who have thorough knowledge of what they are doing. If you live in New York then one of the best plumbing agencies that you can hire to fix water and sewer related problems in your house is Alex Figliolia Water and Sewer LLC.

They have been providing plumbing solutions to New York City residents for nearly 80 years. They are based in Brooklyn but offer their services to all localities in the NYC. By employing only the most competent and capable plumbers and then honing their skills, Alex Figliolia has developed a staff of personnel who are highly equipped to handle any type of plumbing emergency.

They are very efficient as they take great care not to cause any collateral disruption while they work on fixing a particular problem. Often plumbing problems, especially those concerning sewers pipelines, require a fair amount of excavation in order to fix the problem. In such situations, it is very important that the people handling the excavation should know exactly what they are doing and not cause unnecessary dig ups and the ensuing mess.

For such tasks, the plumbing experts at Alex Figliolia can be trusted implicitly. Through years of successful problem solving they have definitively proved their ability to deliver the results they promise and that too in an efficient and economical manner.

Essential DIY Plumbing Tips

Have you ever thought about becoming your own plumber? Well the thought is not as crazy as it sounds. Any plumber needs groundwork in math, science, and computers. These three skills set will set you off on the right path to becoming a plumber and starting a business. Your next step is to attend a trade school and to take plumbing vocational classes. These classes will earn you a certificate on certain matters such as water supply and drainage systems. After obtaining your training through a trade school, the next step is to become an apprentice.

Attending an apprenticeship is the most ample training you get to become a plumber. Plumbing apprenticeships usually run 4-5 years to cover all facets of the skill. The best way to find local apprenticeships is through local unions and organizations such as the Associated Builders and Contractors and the National Association of Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors. After the apprenticeship is over, becoming licensed and certified is your next step.
Majority of the states require plumbers to be licensed, while others require 3-5 years experience before obtaining the actual license. The plumbing exam does require candidates to know all local codes for plumbing. A quick tip is to make sure to study. The exam judges candidates knowledge of all codes and plumbing practices. Take advantage of all of the study material provided, it can be most useful.

Lastly, the type of plumbing jobs range, so you do have an option on which direction to go in. There is a residential new construction plumber, who installs pipes and fixtures for fresh water, heating/cooling systems and sprinkler systems. Then there is a commercial new construction plumber, which is similar to residential, but architects usually do the designing, not the plumbers.

There are many different plumbers working in different areas, so your best bet is to go in the direction you feel most comfortable in. For more info on this topic, please visit alexfigliolia.com.

Different sewer line problems and repair process

Dripping faucets, leaky pipes, clogged drains, running toilets, low water pressure leaking hose bib are a few reasons behind sewer line problems. This calls for professional plumbing company such as Alex Figliolia. They have specialist plumbers who can solve any type of plumbing and drain problems.
The following are a few sewer line problems repaired by the plumbers-

Broken or cracked pipes– Pipe damage due to shifting of soil, frozen ground etc.

Blockage– Accumulation of grease, prohibiting the water flow in the line.

Leaking joints– Broken seals in the pipe causing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

Tree roots in the sewer line– Damaging of pipes because of tree or shrub roots extension prevents water from flowing in the pipe properly.

Off-grade pipe– Deterioration or corrosion of pipe due to degrade standard use of pipe.

Methods used for solving plumbing related issues-

Traditional repair method

This is the basic sewer line repair method used by plumbers. In this, open cut or trench method is used for repairing the damaged portion of the pipe.
Trenchless repair method

In comparison with traditional repair method, trenchless sewer line repair causes less damage to the yards, parking lots, or any other area. This quality sewer maintenance method causing less environmental impact and damage to the area.

Pipe bursting

In this method, small hole is dug in the ground where pipe is damaged. Hydraulic machine is used to pull the pipe from the ground and replace it with the new one.
Pipe relining process

In this method, a new pipe is inserted in the damaged sewer pipe to restore water flow function. This is an effective method for repairing root-damaged pipes, for sealing joint connections underground, for sealing cracks and holes in the pipes. The pipes used in it are durable, thus lasts for a long time. Moreover, the material used for making the pipes is nonhazardous causing no adverse effects on the environment.

What are the things that can affect the cost of sewer line replacement?

Sewer line quality plays crucial role when it comes to the functioning of overall plumbing. However, there are times when you may require replacing your sewer line. There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of sewer line replacement and you should know them all.

Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC is a well-known water main and sewer repair company in the New York. The firm is licensed, boned, and insured and has been serving the industry from many years. You can rely on the firm for all kinds of tasks related to sewer and water main installation, replacement, repair, and upgrade.
Following are the main things that can affect the cost of sewer line replacement-

1. Main location– Firstly you need to check where your main is and you can do it by searching for a manhole cover near the road. Although it should be on your side of the road, but it can also be in the middle or on the other side of the road. Its location can significantly influence the price of replacement.

2. House Trap Location– Then you need to look for the location of your house trap that can be in your basement or in your yard. If you locate it in your yard then it will cost you less money compared to the basement because of the easier process.

3. Other Factors– Once you have located your main and house trap, you need to look for few other factors that can include distance of the sewer line, current size of the sewer, and obstacles such as trees, porches, or driveways that the line is covered underside. though it should be on your side of the road, but it can be Replac

What are the main signs of sewer backup that you should know?

You depend on your sewer lines for a variety of tasks that are associated with the usage of water. Some of these tasks can be cooking, cleaning, showering, laundry, etc. A sewer issue can cause plenty of hassle from slow drainage to overflowing toilets.
Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer LLC is one of the most dependable water mains and sewer repair professionals in the New York. The firm is licensed, bonded and insured and has more than years of industry experience. You can count on the firm to handle all types of sewers repair and installation tasks.
The firm has professional and experienced plumbers who are equipped with all the necessary tools to handle jobs of any size. You can also request the firm to provide free on site estimates. The firm also provides other services such as sewer check valves and sewer ejector pumps for basement, correcting illegal sewer line repair and replacement, emergency service for NYCP DEP violations, etc.

If you notice any of the following signs then help from a professional of the industry like Alex becomes critically important-

If you notice you have multiple drains clogged
If you see lots of bubbles while draining a sink
If you hear gurgling in tub or shower while flushing
If you believe that toilets are not flushing as they should
If you notice a foul smell coming from drains
If you notice slow drainage in bathtubs or laundry lines

Sewer backup is a serious issue and can cause lot of damage, which is why it is essential for you to seek help from an expert whenever you notice any of the signs mentioned above or simply believe that there might be an issue.

Warrior Projects Essential Mission is to Respect our Wholehearted Veterans

With Veterans Day drawing upon us, offering back to those who’ve served abroad is the slightest we could do. As citizens, it is hard to comprehend the hardships amongst our veterans and their families. A great deal of these moving veterans get back home with wounds we couldn’t understand by any methods, anxiety, hopelessness, issues at home are only a small portion of the scars our veterans face. The Wounded Warrior Project and Alex Figliolia have deliberated a plan loaning some assistance to our nations bravest and energetic patrons, after they took a chance with their lives to ensure the freedom of our nation. The Wounded Warrior Project and Alex Figliolia are devoted in raising attentiveness and money for the injured veterans and their families by coordinating $20,000 in gifts to asset the Wounded Warriors Project. Wounded Warrior Projects essential


mission is to respect our wholehearted veterans and plan to support the best adjusted establishment of injured veterans ever. Alex Figliolia is asking that one thousand individuals give at any rate, $20 to the Wounded Warrior Project .  The Wounded Warrior Project utilizes more than 20 far reaching programs devoted to injured fundraiser, beginning on the day of Veteran’s Day, November 11th and ending December 11th veterans and their families, at no charge. Each cent raised goes straight to Wounded Warrior mission to keep the programs running all year round. Additionally, to be apart of Alex Figliolia’s effort, click the link located at the bottom where to visit Alex Figliolia 20 K for Veterans Day Donation Match in Support of Wounded Veterans.

Awesome Fishing Location in North America

There’s no greater feeling casting a rod in the water looking for some indexawesome fish to catch. Traveling to fish has become a staple amongst avid fishers. Fishing destinations are all over the world but North/Central America has some of the greatest locations. One location to catch huge tuna is Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. These tunas weigh up a staggering 1500 pounds. Unfortunately this is a catch and release type expedition, but you allowed to keep up to two fish per person. Belize, where English is the primary language, is a great country to catch some fish, in particular, tarpon and bonefish. Be careful though, bonefish can tend to be a little feisty. The best thing about Belize is its only 2-3 hours from most southeastern cities, so taking an adventurous fishing trip to another country is in reach. If you’re down in Florida, Key West to be specific, and your passion is fishing, you’re in the right town. Key West offers entryway to the Dry Tortugas, which sits in the beautiful body of blue water and is in the middle of a world-class fishing ground. Along with some great fishing, Key West is home to some delicious seafood restaurants and bars. Popular fishing in Louisiana/Mississippi calls for saltwater fly-fishing. Since it has shallow waters, fly fishers usually keep an eye out for red drum. There are plenty of other species, but with the red drum being 20-35 pounds, they are hard to resist. These fishes are usually around year round, but keep your eye open in the fall season.  Believe it or not, Montauk, Long Island is a great location to catch a range of light tackle. The specie of choice here is big bluefish, false albacore, and fluke. Beside these awesome species, you are surrounded by spectacular scenery of Montauk, Long Island. Best time to catch all the action is during fall months, September and October. Your new fishing adventure awaits, get going and do some fishing!

Alex Figliolia loves fishing and everything related to it. Whenever he gets free time from managing his plumbing company in Brooklyn, he indulges this passion of his by finding great spots for fishing. He has fished at some of the most exotic location in the world.

Why one should opt for dependable sewer repair services only?

Sewer issues are a nightmare for property owners. These issues can lead to a variety of problems that can include foul smells, sickness, etc. Therefore, it is essential for you to identify and address these problems as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in such situations, you must get in touch with an expert of the industry without any further delays.


Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC is one of the most dependable names of the industry and is known for providing quality services of sewer and water main installation, repair replacement, or upgrades. The firm has achieved an impeccable reputation for providing honest and dependable solutions to its clients. The ultimate goal of the firm is to provide excellent sewer repair and installation services at affordable prices.

The company has achieved new heights of success with the help of its qualified staff that is equipped with the latest tools and technology. The firm has expertise in handling both commercial and residential water main repairs.

Following are the main reasons why you must hire an expert like Alex Figliolia for all your issues associated with sewerage repair-

  • Sewer repairing is a complex task that demands experience, knowledge, and a special set of skills. This is the reason why you need to choose a service provider with years of experience in the industry.
  • Apart from skills and experience, sewerage repair also requires a variety of advanced tools. Thus, hiring a professional gives you assurance of quality work, as they are equipped with all necessary tools
  • Majority of the people choose a firm that is 100% licensed, bonded & insured not just because it gives them peace of mind, but also because it gives them an assurance of quality work and ensures safety.

Essential Tips for a New Biker

If you’re new to owning a motorcycle, understanding all the rules and regulations is essential. Knowing how the tips will keep you and your bike secure. Driving a motorcycle in NYC, you do need a special drivers license.

You will need to obtain a Class M rating on your existing driver’s license. To do so, you have to pass an a skills and written test through the DMV. An attendee with a motorcycle license is required to attend the test as well. An alternative to the written test is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Beginning Rider’s Course.

This course can waive the actual test and is quicker than waiting on line at the DMV. There are several commercial driving schools, which offer instructional courses on learning how to ride a motorcycle. One of the best schools is Motorcycle Safety Foundation. They have two affiliates located in New York City.

screenhunter_08-jul-22-22431Along with buying a motorcycle comes insurance. Insurance rates for bikes can range from cheap to expensive. Some popular insurance companies include Progressive, Universal Underwriters, USAA (for veterans), and Geico. Progressive is known for its valued loyal customers and has a great reputation.

There are different dynamics in regulating the cost of insurance such as age, experience, training motorcycle type and driving history. A good bike to start off with as a first timer is something small and not too powerful, under 600cc. A less powerful bike will give you insights on handling especially if you intend to drive in NYC. It will also cost you less on your insurance.

To avoid getting ripped off, always bring along someone who has knowledge of motorcycles. You want to seem knowledgeable in some aspects of the purchasing process. If you’re finding other bikers out and want to tag along for the ride, the New Jersey Sport Touring Motorcycle Club is perfect for you. The ride almost every Sunday, and start on the Palisades Parkway. If looking for a used motorcycle, best place to look are the classifieds.

Sometimes buying second hand bikes is just like buying someone else’s problem. So do be careful when buying second hand. Make sure whoever you’re buying from is a legitimate source and to ask as many questions as possible. I hope all these great little inside tips will put you on the right path when purchasing your new motorcycle.

Alex Figliolia is motorcycle enthusiast and a biking aficionado. He loves providing much needed advice and tips for new bikers.