Do You Know About The Main Signs of Sewer Backup?

You rely on your sewer lines for everything in your house that is associated with water whether it is cooking, showering, dishes, laundry, or anything else. However, most of the home owners take sewer lines for granted until they experience a problem. Sewer backups can cause plenty of problems from slow drains to overflowing toilets.


Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer LLC is one of the most reliable water main and sewer repair professionals in the New York that can handle all types of tasks associated with sewer and water main installation, repair, replacement, and upgrade. The firm also installs sewer check valve & sewer ejector pumps to prevent sewers from backing up. You can also count on the firm for the maintenance of sewer check valve once or twice a year.

Following are the main signs of sewer backup that give indication that you need help from a professional without any further delays-

If you notice bubbles and more bubbles when a sink is trying to drain or when you flush in the toilet, it is an alarm for you that there might be problem in that specific drain.

If you notice that your toilet is not flushing, as it should, it could be due to sewer issue. It is a usual indication of sewer backup that requires your attention.

One drain can get clogged due to hair, toilet paper, debris, etc. but when multiple drains get clogged at the same time, it is another warning sign of sewer backup.

Prevention is always better, as sewer backup issues can get bigger and cost you plenty. Therefore, whenever you notice any sign of sewer backup, it is crucial for you seek help from a professional of the industry without any delays.


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