Essential Tips for a New Biker

If you’re new to owning a motorcycle, understanding all the rules and regulations is essential. Knowing how the tips will keep you and your bike secure. Driving a motorcycle in NYC, you do need a special drivers license.

You will need to obtain a Class M rating on your existing driver’s license. To do so, you have to pass an a skills and written test through the DMV. An attendee with a motorcycle license is required to attend the test as well. An alternative to the written test is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Beginning Rider’s Course.

This course can waive the actual test and is quicker than waiting on line at the DMV. There are several commercial driving schools, which offer instructional courses on learning how to ride a motorcycle. One of the best schools is Motorcycle Safety Foundation. They have two affiliates located in New York City.

screenhunter_08-jul-22-22431Along with buying a motorcycle comes insurance. Insurance rates for bikes can range from cheap to expensive. Some popular insurance companies include Progressive, Universal Underwriters, USAA (for veterans), and Geico. Progressive is known for its valued loyal customers and has a great reputation.

There are different dynamics in regulating the cost of insurance such as age, experience, training motorcycle type and driving history. A good bike to start off with as a first timer is something small and not too powerful, under 600cc. A less powerful bike will give you insights on handling especially if you intend to drive in NYC. It will also cost you less on your insurance.

To avoid getting ripped off, always bring along someone who has knowledge of motorcycles. You want to seem knowledgeable in some aspects of the purchasing process. If you’re finding other bikers out and want to tag along for the ride, the New Jersey Sport Touring Motorcycle Club is perfect for you. The ride almost every Sunday, and start on the Palisades Parkway. If looking for a used motorcycle, best place to look are the classifieds.

Sometimes buying second hand bikes is just like buying someone else’s problem. So do be careful when buying second hand. Make sure whoever you’re buying from is a legitimate source and to ask as many questions as possible. I hope all these great little inside tips will put you on the right path when purchasing your new motorcycle.

Alex Figliolia is motorcycle enthusiast and a biking aficionado. He loves providing much needed advice and tips for new bikers.


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