Awesome Fishing Location in North America

There’s no greater feeling casting a rod in the water looking for some indexawesome fish to catch. Traveling to fish has become a staple amongst avid fishers. Fishing destinations are all over the world but North/Central America has some of the greatest locations. One location to catch huge tuna is Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. These tunas weigh up a staggering 1500 pounds. Unfortunately this is a catch and release type expedition, but you allowed to keep up to two fish per person. Belize, where English is the primary language, is a great country to catch some fish, in particular, tarpon and bonefish. Be careful though, bonefish can tend to be a little feisty. The best thing about Belize is its only 2-3 hours from most southeastern cities, so taking an adventurous fishing trip to another country is in reach. If you’re down in Florida, Key West to be specific, and your passion is fishing, you’re in the right town. Key West offers entryway to the Dry Tortugas, which sits in the beautiful body of blue water and is in the middle of a world-class fishing ground. Along with some great fishing, Key West is home to some delicious seafood restaurants and bars. Popular fishing in Louisiana/Mississippi calls for saltwater fly-fishing. Since it has shallow waters, fly fishers usually keep an eye out for red drum. There are plenty of other species, but with the red drum being 20-35 pounds, they are hard to resist. These fishes are usually around year round, but keep your eye open in the fall season.  Believe it or not, Montauk, Long Island is a great location to catch a range of light tackle. The specie of choice here is big bluefish, false albacore, and fluke. Beside these awesome species, you are surrounded by spectacular scenery of Montauk, Long Island. Best time to catch all the action is during fall months, September and October. Your new fishing adventure awaits, get going and do some fishing!

Alex Figliolia loves fishing and everything related to it. Whenever he gets free time from managing his plumbing company in Brooklyn, he indulges this passion of his by finding great spots for fishing. He has fished at some of the most exotic location in the world.


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