Different sewer line problems and repair process

Dripping faucets, leaky pipes, clogged drains, running toilets, low water pressure leaking hose bib are a few reasons behind sewer line problems. This calls for professional plumbing company such as Alex Figliolia. They have specialist plumbers who can solve any type of plumbing and drain problems.
The following are a few sewer line problems repaired by the plumbers-

Broken or cracked pipes– Pipe damage due to shifting of soil, frozen ground etc.

Blockage– Accumulation of grease, prohibiting the water flow in the line.

Leaking joints– Broken seals in the pipe causing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

Tree roots in the sewer line– Damaging of pipes because of tree or shrub roots extension prevents water from flowing in the pipe properly.

Off-grade pipe– Deterioration or corrosion of pipe due to degrade standard use of pipe.

Methods used for solving plumbing related issues-

Traditional repair method

This is the basic sewer line repair method used by plumbers. In this, open cut or trench method is used for repairing the damaged portion of the pipe.
Trenchless repair method

In comparison with traditional repair method, trenchless sewer line repair causes less damage to the yards, parking lots, or any other area. This quality sewer maintenance method causing less environmental impact and damage to the area.

Pipe bursting

In this method, small hole is dug in the ground where pipe is damaged. Hydraulic machine is used to pull the pipe from the ground and replace it with the new one.
Pipe relining process

In this method, a new pipe is inserted in the damaged sewer pipe to restore water flow function. This is an effective method for repairing root-damaged pipes, for sealing joint connections underground, for sealing cracks and holes in the pipes. The pipes used in it are durable, thus lasts for a long time. Moreover, the material used for making the pipes is nonhazardous causing no adverse effects on the environment.


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