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A suitable plumber in NYC

When the plumbing at your house breaks down it can cause a huge mess in and around the house. The situation becomes even worse when sewer main gets compromised and the sewage lines begin to leak. This will lead to a massive stink not just for you but for every neighbor in the vicinity.

To avoid such embarrassing and frustrating problems you should get your plumbing checked regularly by experienced professionals.  The water and sewage main should be thoroughly examined for any faults or problems.

This examination and inspection should be conducted by professional plumbers who have thorough knowledge of what they are doing. If you live in New York then one of the best plumbing agencies that you can hire to fix water and sewer related problems in your house is Alex Figliolia Water and Sewer LLC.

They have been providing plumbing solutions to New York City residents for nearly 80 years. They are based in Brooklyn but offer their services to all localities in the NYC. By employing only the most competent and capable plumbers and then honing their skills, Alex Figliolia has developed a staff of personnel who are highly equipped to handle any type of plumbing emergency.

They are very efficient as they take great care not to cause any collateral disruption while they work on fixing a particular problem. Often plumbing problems, especially those concerning sewers pipelines, require a fair amount of excavation in order to fix the problem. In such situations, it is very important that the people handling the excavation should know exactly what they are doing and not cause unnecessary dig ups and the ensuing mess.

For such tasks, the plumbing experts at Alex Figliolia can be trusted implicitly. Through years of successful problem solving they have definitively proved their ability to deliver the results they promise and that too in an efficient and economical manner.


What are the things that can affect the cost of sewer line replacement?

Sewer line quality plays crucial role when it comes to the functioning of overall plumbing. However, there are times when you may require replacing your sewer line. There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of sewer line replacement and you should know them all.

Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC is a well-known water main and sewer repair company in the New York. The firm is licensed, boned, and insured and has been serving the industry from many years. You can rely on the firm for all kinds of tasks related to sewer and water main installation, replacement, repair, and upgrade.
Following are the main things that can affect the cost of sewer line replacement-

1. Main location– Firstly you need to check where your main is and you can do it by searching for a manhole cover near the road. Although it should be on your side of the road, but it can also be in the middle or on the other side of the road. Its location can significantly influence the price of replacement.

2. House Trap Location– Then you need to look for the location of your house trap that can be in your basement or in your yard. If you locate it in your yard then it will cost you less money compared to the basement because of the easier process.

3. Other Factors– Once you have located your main and house trap, you need to look for few other factors that can include distance of the sewer line, current size of the sewer, and obstacles such as trees, porches, or driveways that the line is covered underside. though it should be on your side of the road, but it can be Replac

What are the main signs of sewer backup that you should know?

You depend on your sewer lines for a variety of tasks that are associated with the usage of water. Some of these tasks can be cooking, cleaning, showering, laundry, etc. A sewer issue can cause plenty of hassle from slow drainage to overflowing toilets.
Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer LLC is one of the most dependable water mains and sewer repair professionals in the New York. The firm is licensed, bonded and insured and has more than years of industry experience. You can count on the firm to handle all types of sewers repair and installation tasks.
The firm has professional and experienced plumbers who are equipped with all the necessary tools to handle jobs of any size. You can also request the firm to provide free on site estimates. The firm also provides other services such as sewer check valves and sewer ejector pumps for basement, correcting illegal sewer line repair and replacement, emergency service for NYCP DEP violations, etc.

If you notice any of the following signs then help from a professional of the industry like Alex becomes critically important-

If you notice you have multiple drains clogged
If you see lots of bubbles while draining a sink
If you hear gurgling in tub or shower while flushing
If you believe that toilets are not flushing as they should
If you notice a foul smell coming from drains
If you notice slow drainage in bathtubs or laundry lines

Sewer backup is a serious issue and can cause lot of damage, which is why it is essential for you to seek help from an expert whenever you notice any of the signs mentioned above or simply believe that there might be an issue.

Why you should get a fire sprinkler system installed now?

Fire incidents can cause severe damages. Most of these incidents are usually terrible because they take as little time as couple of minutes to turn a small flame into total destruction. So it becomes vital for everyone to invest in reliable firefighting equipment such as fire sprinklers. These equipment are ideal to provide the fire protection that both commercial and residential properties require.

For installation of fire sprinklers systems, one must choose an expert like Alex Figliolia with decades of experience. The firm provides services to both commercial and residential clients. Skilled workers of the firm use their years of experience to ensure that installation is done correct for the first time because fire may not give any second chance.

You can also count on these experts for a custom design of a fire sprinkler system based on all specific requirements that you might have.

If you have not made your mind to get a fire sprinkler system installed in your property, following factors will surely make you rethink your decision-

Fire sprinkler systems can prove extremely helpful in protecting lives and valuable assets when a fire emergency occurs. On many incidents, they became the difference between life and death.

Fire sprinkler systems have the ability to prevent many fire disasters, as they are used to control fires in its early stages. These systems can help you control thing until you receive help from fire department.

These systems can also play crucial role when it comes to reducing the extent of damage, as they stop fire from spreading that can make situation event worse by getting in contact with flammable materials.

If you are convinced that you need one for your property, get in touch with an expert for the installation.

Why you must choose a licensed firm for water mains or sewer work?

Is there a sewer related job that you are planning to do yourself? Is earlier water mains job causing problems for you? Do you feel that you hired unprofessional firm for water main or sewer related work in your house? This is why it is advised to hire only licensed and insured firm for any water main or sewer


related work in your home.
Here are the reasons for it –
Licensed and insured professionals know their work – You can rely on these experts to complete sewer or water main related repair, disconnections, and installation work skillfully. You can trust them to provide quality services. They can even suggest better options in parts or systems as they know the real reason behind plumbing issues.
Inappropriate repair can lead to disastrous results – Amateurs or unprofessional plumbers may perform inappropriate repair without knowing the real problem. It can lead to disastrous results in future such as flooding, pipe bursting etc. But, you can rely on experts to complete a job properly without causing further damage.
It can increase your costs on repair or installation job – Hiring uninsured plumbers can increase your costs on repair or installation job. They may increase the problem with sewer and water mains, which can force you to spend more money than calculated. But, you can limit your costs by hiring insured professionals.
Alex Figliolia is a recognized water main and sewer contractor in New York. For more than 80 years, this family owned business has been providing quality water main and sewer solutions for clients. It includes sewer & water main repair, disconnections, and installation services.

This firm also provides services for manholes, NYC DEP notices, violations & inspections, private fire sprinklers & fire hydrants, catch basins & trench drains etc. It is a licensed, bonded and insured firm that many people in the region rely on.

Are you searching for the most dependable sewer plumbing services?

When looking for a sewer repair or installation plumbing services whether for your residential or commercial building, it is crucial to look for an expert of the industry. Only a professional can identify the problem and fix it in a short span of time.


You need to look for a professional like Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC that has been in the business from decades and can handle any job whether its sewer and water main installation, repair, replacement, or upgrade. However, to find a reliable service like this, you need to consider the following factors-

Look for a service provider that has been serving the industry from decades and have immense experience to handle any complex job.

Always look for a service that is licensed and insured because it gives you the assurance that you are going to rely on an expert of the industry only.

You also need to know the availability of the service provider, as you would want to hire an expert that provides services 24 hours.

Before you make the final call, it is vital for you to check the reputation of the service provider and be certain that you can afford to rely on the firm.