The Exponential Rise of Mobile Phone Technology

The rise of smart phone technology has risen drastically over the years. We went from having cell phones the size of bananas to touch screen phones that can basically commit any command we tell it to. Google has risen to one of the top smartphone companies in the world with their Android selection of smartphones. Google has recently released Google Now on Tap, which has made life so much more easier if it wasn’t already. Let’s say you want to input an event on yourmobilecalendar, takes about 2-3 minutes to complete the task. Now with Google Now on Tap, those 2-3 minutes turns into about 30 seconds. So if someone sends you a message about going to dinner next week at 7 o’clock, all you have to do is hold down the menu button and speak into the phone telling it to set up the date on the calendar. So by holding down the menu button, you can get instant information about what’s on your screen. So if you are reading an article about the Mets in the World Series and want to know the full roster of the Mets, all you would have to do is hold down the menu button and speak into the phone asking it the full roster. The phone already knows whom you are speaking about since you are reading an article on the Mets in the World Series. None of this was possible before, since you had to exit the existing app before you had to look up other information. Google proclaims that about 75% of users spend most of their time on apps while on their phone. Accessing information much more quickly is Google’s main interest. They are the worlds biggest search engines, so it’s only right that they take this matter seriously and are bumping major improvements along with it. The focus of this new addition is for restaurants, bars and entertainment. You can grab information quicker such as addresses and reviews about certain locations and events. There are still some technical difficulties to overcome but Google believes Google Now on Tap will be the next innovative idea for Android smartphones making accessing information much more efficient.

Alex Figliolia is a technology aficionado who likes to keep abreast of the latest developments in the tech world. Alex runs a water and sewer management company in Brooklyn that serves many areas of New York City.


Better Health Through Proper Hydration

Staying in healthy in today’s society can be hard. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. We try new ideas everyday to keep our bodies fit, some work, some may not. But one should be implemented everyday. Drink water, enough to keep your body hydrated during the day. Water is essential to keeping our bodies fit and contain many health benefits. Since about 60% of our body is made out of water, drinking water is crucial to stay as healthy as possible. Water is used to flush out bad toxins out of the body organs such as our kidneys and carries important nutrients to all our cells. If you’re not drinking enough water, it can lead to dehydration, which can lead to many problems with the body. It’s important to refill your body with water especially since you lose water by breathing, sweating and going to the bathroom throughout the day. Best way to regain the lost water supply is to drink beverages and foods that contain water. Doctors recommend to drink eight 8 ounces of water, which is easy tohydrateremember and to keep track of. Depending on how active you are, depends on how much water intake you should have. When exercising, you sweat, so you should drink more water to compensate for the amount loss during exercising. Being outside in hot and humid climate can make you very dehydrated as well. So next time you’re outside when its hot out, bring some water with you to stay hydrated. Also, being sick with a fever can severely dehydrate you because you lose fluids. Drinking water is not the only way to get your supplemented amount of water; certain foods contain enough water to keep you hydrated. A lot of fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and spinach contain a significant amount of water to keep you hydrated. To avoid dehydration, drink a glass of water during and between every meal. It is actually possible to drink too much water, so be careful. But this is very rare in people who keep a fit diet. Best way to keep up with your water intake is to carry around a Brita water bottle where you can refill the bottle and drink clean water. So, remember replace that can of soda with a bottle of water.

Alex Figliolia is a health buff and loves to research and share new and better ways to stay healthy. Alex manages a plumbing and waste management company in Brooklyn NY.

Why you should get a fire sprinkler system installed now?

Fire incidents can cause severe damages. Most of these incidents are usually terrible because they take as little time as couple of minutes to turn a small flame into total destruction. So it becomes vital for everyone to invest in reliable firefighting equipment such as fire sprinklers. These equipment are ideal to provide the fire protection that both commercial and residential properties require.

For installation of fire sprinklers systems, one must choose an expert like Alex Figliolia with decades of experience. The firm provides services to both commercial and residential clients. Skilled workers of the firm use their years of experience to ensure that installation is done correct for the first time because fire may not give any second chance.

You can also count on these experts for a custom design of a fire sprinkler system based on all specific requirements that you might have.

If you have not made your mind to get a fire sprinkler system installed in your property, following factors will surely make you rethink your decision-

Fire sprinkler systems can prove extremely helpful in protecting lives and valuable assets when a fire emergency occurs. On many incidents, they became the difference between life and death.

Fire sprinkler systems have the ability to prevent many fire disasters, as they are used to control fires in its early stages. These systems can help you control thing until you receive help from fire department.

These systems can also play crucial role when it comes to reducing the extent of damage, as they stop fire from spreading that can make situation event worse by getting in contact with flammable materials.

If you are convinced that you need one for your property, get in touch with an expert for the installation.

Why you must choose a licensed firm for water mains or sewer work?

Is there a sewer related job that you are planning to do yourself? Is earlier water mains job causing problems for you? Do you feel that you hired unprofessional firm for water main or sewer related work in your house? This is why it is advised to hire only licensed and insured firm for any water main or sewer


related work in your home.
Here are the reasons for it –
Licensed and insured professionals know their work – You can rely on these experts to complete sewer or water main related repair, disconnections, and installation work skillfully. You can trust them to provide quality services. They can even suggest better options in parts or systems as they know the real reason behind plumbing issues.
Inappropriate repair can lead to disastrous results – Amateurs or unprofessional plumbers may perform inappropriate repair without knowing the real problem. It can lead to disastrous results in future such as flooding, pipe bursting etc. But, you can rely on experts to complete a job properly without causing further damage.
It can increase your costs on repair or installation job – Hiring uninsured plumbers can increase your costs on repair or installation job. They may increase the problem with sewer and water mains, which can force you to spend more money than calculated. But, you can limit your costs by hiring insured professionals.
Alex Figliolia is a recognized water main and sewer contractor in New York. For more than 80 years, this family owned business has been providing quality water main and sewer solutions for clients. It includes sewer & water main repair, disconnections, and installation services.

This firm also provides services for manholes, NYC DEP notices, violations & inspections, private fire sprinklers & fire hydrants, catch basins & trench drains etc. It is a licensed, bonded and insured firm that many people in the region rely on.

Do You Know About The Main Signs of Sewer Backup?

You rely on your sewer lines for everything in your house that is associated with water whether it is cooking, showering, dishes, laundry, or anything else. However, most of the home owners take sewer lines for granted until they experience a problem. Sewer backups can cause plenty of problems from slow drains to overflowing toilets.


Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer LLC is one of the most reliable water main and sewer repair professionals in the New York that can handle all types of tasks associated with sewer and water main installation, repair, replacement, and upgrade. The firm also installs sewer check valve & sewer ejector pumps to prevent sewers from backing up. You can also count on the firm for the maintenance of sewer check valve once or twice a year.

Following are the main signs of sewer backup that give indication that you need help from a professional without any further delays-

If you notice bubbles and more bubbles when a sink is trying to drain or when you flush in the toilet, it is an alarm for you that there might be problem in that specific drain.

If you notice that your toilet is not flushing, as it should, it could be due to sewer issue. It is a usual indication of sewer backup that requires your attention.

One drain can get clogged due to hair, toilet paper, debris, etc. but when multiple drains get clogged at the same time, it is another warning sign of sewer backup.

Prevention is always better, as sewer backup issues can get bigger and cost you plenty. Therefore, whenever you notice any sign of sewer backup, it is crucial for you seek help from a professional of the industry without any delays.

What is the importance of fire sprinklers at your home?

For any homeowner, it is important to have fire extinguishers at their home so that they can protect their home for any fire accidental occurrence. However, there are many who often ignore its importance and later on, they have to suffer. One has to understand that fire extinguishers play an imperative role in keeping or place safe from fire.

Fire extinguishers not only safeguard your home or any other place from fire but at the same time, it protects from any loss of property. Moreover, it helps to keep the environment clean by controlling the fire to spend.However, before installing any extinguisher at your home, you need to be sure about the requirements like-

What are types of extinguishers?

Whenever looking for fire extinguishers, you need to understand your requirements quiet well like whether you need for commercial or residential purpose. In the market, you may find many types of extinguishers that are available for different purpose.

How many do you require?

The other thing to consider is that how many extinguishers you want to place at your place. Like for an instance for kitchen you require, floor wise, garage and so on. Therefore, make sure that you are you analyze the place by your own or with the help of some professional company who can help you in buying the product.

The professionals very well understand the requirements of home through their years of experience they provide services to the customers. Although there are many companies but company like Alex figliolia water & sewer llc have employed professionals who with their skills and knowledge provide best services to their customers. Therefore, make sure that you seek help from such professionals who are expert in installation.

Are you searching for the most dependable sewer plumbing services?

When looking for a sewer repair or installation plumbing services whether for your residential or commercial building, it is crucial to look for an expert of the industry. Only a professional can identify the problem and fix it in a short span of time.


You need to look for a professional like Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC that has been in the business from decades and can handle any job whether its sewer and water main installation, repair, replacement, or upgrade. However, to find a reliable service like this, you need to consider the following factors-

Look for a service provider that has been serving the industry from decades and have immense experience to handle any complex job.

Always look for a service that is licensed and insured because it gives you the assurance that you are going to rely on an expert of the industry only.

You also need to know the availability of the service provider, as you would want to hire an expert that provides services 24 hours.

Before you make the final call, it is vital for you to check the reputation of the service provider and be certain that you can afford to rely on the firm.

Worried about illegal sewer line in your NYC house? Hire professionals

Illegal sewer lines are becoming a common problem in NYC region. Inexperienced or unprofessional plumbers may install illegal lining in houses. It can cause severe consequences for the house owners including –

  • Contaminating home and water supply
  • Increasing health risks for you and your family
  • Waste of money on illegal sewer line installation

But, you can avoid all these complications and get this line corrected by hiring professionals such as Alex Figliolia.

Alex Figliolia is a noted company that specializes in sewer related work. Since 1932, this firm has been offering quality services for clients in the NYC region. This company is known for completing every job skillfully according to the regulations. Over years, firm has earned a name for itself by providing top notch services related to sewer line replacement and repair.


However, here are the benefits of hiring professionals for the repair of illegal sewer lines –

  • Legal work – You must know that sewer liners are illegal in New York City. Inexperienced plumber may install illegal lining such as PVC pipe in your home that can lead to unwanted results. But, professional of this field can complete this job legally as well as appropriately. They can also replace the prohibited PVC pipe with extra heavy cast iron pipe.
  • Money saving – Paying for an illegal job can waste lots of your money. It is advised to hire experts who can complete the repair work effectively saving your money on constant repairs or replacements.